At Valley Forge Financial Dynamnics, we have ­access to the most ­diversified financial products and services in the country. Through our nationally recognized ­network of Strategic ­Partnerships, we offer individual and business clients ­innovative and comprehensive solutions to achieve their ­financial needs.

We move beyond the myopic solutions offered by ­individuals ­working alone, concentrating on ­solving one piece of the ­puzzle. We construct a multi-­disciplinary strategic team, ­providing ­specialization, but specialization tempered by a ­holistic perspective.

Our analysis and subsequent recommendations are always guided by achieving the client’s ­complete ­objectives, ­prioritized by needs.

We quarterback the search for those solutions, ­acting as an agent on behalf of the client. We do not offer a pre-determined solution to a particular circumstance.
We assess each client’s ­situation and ­construct a ­solution team consisting of the ­precise organizations to generate the most desired result.
​Insurance Solutions
Life Insurance: Term, Return of Premium, Universal, Indexed UL, Survivor UL, Whole Life, Final Expense, Graded, Group, etc.
Long Term Care Products: Traditional (Stand-Alone), Hybrid (Life/LTC & Annuity LTC), Group LTC
Disability Products: Long-Term and Short-Term, Individual and Group,
Blue Collar & White Collar Professions, Executives, Physicians/Medical Professionals,
Professional Athlete's, Entertainers, Buy/Sell, Business Overhead, etc.
Critical Illness Products: Receive immediate Lump Sum benefits of between $5,000 to $500,000 without an elimination period for specified conditions such as: heart attack, stroke, cancer, paralysis, coronary by-pass, and more.
  • Immediate Annuities
  • Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities
  • Indexed Annuities
Special Markets
  • Life Settlements
  • Insurance Audits
  • Premium Financing
  • Charitable Trusts & Family Foundations
  • Conservation Easements & Land Trusts
  • Investment Strategy
  • Value Stock Portfolio
  • Permanent Portfolio
  • Buy-Sell Planning
  • Key Man, Executive Bonus, Deferred Comp Planning
  • Pension Planning - 401K, SEPs
  • Leveraged Retirement Plans
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Perpetuation
  • ERSOPs & ESOPs